Bible Studies

“The words I have spoken to you – they are full of the Spirit and life. (John 6:63) Faith offers numerous opportunities for people of all ages to grow in God’s Word through Bible study. Our list of current and upcoming events and activities is here:

  • Tuesday Morning Women’s Bible Study8:00am – Commons
  • Friday Morning Bible Study – 9:30am – Commons
  • Bible Matters Adult Information ClassSundays at 9:10am – 8th Grade Classroom
    • The purpose of this Bible class is to study key Bible teachings such as the nature of God, creation, God’s plan of salvation, what happens when we die, and the gift of saving faith, Holy Baptism and Holy Communion, prayer, and how God wants us to live. The atmosphere is casual and your questions are encouraged. Each of our pastors teaches a portion of the class, giving you an opportunity to meet them all. Upon completion of this course, you will have the option to join our congregation if that is your desire.
  • Eyes on the Prize, Feet on the Ground: The Blessings of Living Life with a Christian Worldview – Sundays at 9:10am – Commons
    • For much of its history, the predominating worldview shared by citizens of our country was a Christian worldview. That is no longer the case, as worldviews such as modernism, postmodernism, neomarxism and mixed worldviews are now driving our culture. Pastor Weigand and Pastor Haag from WLA will be leading this study of worldviews. We will delve into topics like “social constructs” and examine how the predominant worldview can affect the way we see life without us realizing it. The intent is to help Christians appreciate how living with a Christian worldview is not a burden, but a blessing both to us and to those we impact here.
  • FaithFit 201 – Sundays at 9:10am – Christian Education Room
    • It seems like yesterday that you dropped your child off for Kindergarten, and now they are 5th graders! 5th grade is an exciting time for you and your child. Personalities develop further, and critical thinking skills begin to take shape. FaithFit 201 is designed to help parents of 5th grade students get ready for the “tween” years. Topics include identity, social media, sexuality, teaching tweens money management, looking ahead to high school, and spiritual nurture in the the home.  The course is led by the pastors of Faith, Principal Herkstroeter, Assistant Principal Selle, and a number of guest speakers. FaithFit 201 is required for parents of 5th graders, but is open to any adult who would like to attend.
  • FaithFit 301 – Sundays at 9:10am – Sunrise Room
    • Well, it’s happened –  your child is now an 8th grader! Where did the time go? 8th grade is fun and at the same time a challenging milestone for you and your child. FaithFit 301 prepares parents of 8th graders for the high school years. Topics include identity, social media, mental health, spiritual nurture in the home, getting ready for high school, and more. The course is led by the pastors of Faith, Principal Herkstroeter, Assistant Principal Selle, and a number of guest speakers. FaithFit 301 is required for parents of 8th graders, but is open to any adult who would like to attend.
  • Faith Quest Sunday SchoolSundays at 9:00am
    • Faith Lutheran has always existed to bring the truth of God’s Word to all people of all ages. That continues to be our goal for our Sunday School program we call ‘Faith Quest’. Each Sunday morning, children potty trained through 6th grade will be divided into several different age groups and rotate through a number of stations to learn Bible stories, do crafts, and enjoy fun activities with each other. 7th and 8th grade students will be helping as assistants this year. Nursery care will be provided for those not ready for Faith Quest. Age groups and meeting rooms are broken down as follows:
      • Potty Trained to Kindergarten – Extended Care Classroom
      • 1st to 3rd Grade – Youth Center
      • 4th to 6th Grade – Youth Center
      • Nursery Care – Preschool Classroom
  • Spiritual Growth Resources
  • Thursday Devotion Stream