Bible Studies

“The words I have spoken to you – they are full of the Spirit and life. (John 6:63) Faith offers numerous opportunities for people of all ages to grow in God’s Word through Bible study. Our list of current and upcoming events and activities is here:

  • Tuesday Morning Women’s Bible Study8:00am – Commons
  • Friday Morning Bible Study – 9:30am – Commons
  • Bible Matters Adult Information ClassTuesdays at 6:30pm – Christian Education Classroom
    • The purpose of this Bible class is to study key Bible teachings such as the nature of God, creation, God’s plan of salvation, what happens when we die, and the gift of saving faith, Holy Baptism and Holy Communion, prayer, and how God wants us to live. The atmosphere is casual and your questions are encouraged. Each of our pastors teaches a portion of the class, giving you an opportunity to meet them all. Upon completion of this course, you will have the option to join our congregation if that is your desire.
  • Let’s Go! Sundays at 9:10am – Commons
    • Have you ever found yourself with an opportunity to share your faith, but you were tongue-tied and just couldn’t find the words? Do you ever feel like Christianity is becoming so foreign to many of the people you know that you don’t have any common ground to start a conversation? Do you ever feel like the culture is racing away from Bible teaching so quickly that it’s pointless to try and fight it?

      Come and join us for our next Sunday Bible Hour entitled “Let’s Go!” We will address all of these topics, and more, with the goal of helping each other be ready for the opportunities we have to share our faith in words and actions. Pastor Weigand will lead the class at 9:10am in the Commons.

  • Faith Quest Sunday SchoolSundays at 9:00am
    • Faith Lutheran has always existed to bring the truth of God’s Word to all people of all ages. That continues to be our goal for our Sunday School program we call ‘Faith Quest’. Each Sunday morning, children potty trained through 6th grade will be divided into several different age groups and rotate through a number of stations to learn Bible stories, do crafts, and enjoy fun activities with each other. 7th and 8th grade students will be helping as assistants this year. Nursery care will be provided for those not ready for Faith Quest. Age groups and meeting rooms are broken down as follows:
      • Potty Trained to Kindergarten – Extended Care Classroom
      • 1st to 3rd Grade – Youth Center
      • 4th to 6th Grade – Youth Center
      • Nursery Care – Preschool Classroom
  • Spiritual Growth Resources
  • Thursday Devotion Stream